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Creating Inclusive Play Spaces

This is a workshop aimed at anyone working within playwork. It is designed to be presented over 2 and a half hours. It is a mix of discussion, presentation and activity. The session explores what inclusion means and its relationship to accessibility, design and play. It introduces ideas and tools that you can use in your everyday practice to create more inclusive play spaces. This includes exploration of a three part model to use in the process of facilitating play sessions and designing play spaces. The session emphasises an approach to inclusivity based on collaboration, reflexive practice and creativity. It’s about an Inclusion that isn’t a far-off ideology or something tokenistic, but something natural and joyful we can see on the playground every day.


Image is a photograph taken inside a gym hall with various objects spread about. These include a two different structures made from cardboard tubes. A brightly coloured beach ball, a small brightly coloured parachute and  large blue net with small coloured balls underneath. Blue crash mats are visible in the background.

Play Escapes for Adults:

This is a workshop I’ve developed to get adults thinking about play. What it means to them and how bringing play into our daily lives can help us meet our emotional and sensory needs.

This is an ongoing project and i’m on the lookout for different groups and spaces to facilitate the workshop within. Check out my blog post “Play escapes in the Peaks” for an account of my first workshop! (


Image is a photograph taken from the back of a space looking towards a stage. The stage has a washing line across it with 6 large sheets of paper attached. In front of the stage is a bench. In front of the bench on the floor is a heptagon marked out by black tape. Laying around the shape are several pieces of fabric and objects including masks, toy cars and bouncy balls.