What is Play Radical?

Play Radical is a space to explore and share ideas about inclusive play and communication. It exists online in the form of this website and blog and offline in the form of workshops and play spaces.

Play Radical Aims to;

  1. Create space to celebrate and recognise the infinite ways we play, communicate and relate to each other as both children and adults. In particular lift up those types of play which are often unseen or ignored and ways of communicating or relating which often aren’t valued by wider society.
  2. Share practice, experiences and collaborate with others to improve inclusivity in play for all children and young people.
  3. Advocate for the right of every child to have joyful, challenging and meaningful play experiences.
  4. Advocate for acceptance and understanding of disability and neurodiversity.
  5. Facilitate and engage in conversations about playwork, disability and inclusion which allow for complexity, vulnerability and unlearning for a truly reflective and radical practice
  6. Stoke the fires of the inclusive play revolution


Who is Play Radical?

Play radical is run and written by myself, Max Alexander, a playworker, consultant, artist and writer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I split my time between working with disabled children and young people in an adventure play setting and my independent practice. On the playground I can be found creating things out of junk, jumping in puddles and facilitating messes of fantastic proportions. Off the playground I can be found thinking, talking and writing about play (as well as making slightly smaller messes).


Let’s work together

If you share some of the aims above perhaps we can work together! I am keen to collaborate with play workers, artists, child care and educational practitioners and anyone else with a passion and interest in inclusive play. You can find information about current my projects here but I’m always open and interested new ideas and opportunities. Please get in touch with any ideas or queries.  You can contact me here.